EthConnect Review Crypto Currency

The EthConnect crypto currency is a new platform that is based around lending your money to their service that will provide you with dividends over the course of a month. By lending your money for a day you should make around 1% and if you keep it there for an entire month you’ll make up to 45%.

We used this EthConnect review to do the majority of our due diligence.

Whilst testing out the platform we found that the EthConnect dashboard has some cool and interesting features. You can lend your money, stake your money or simply just trade it. Ofcourse none of this is actually money and is infact crypto currencies.

We found that EthConnect is not a scam as some people have said on some popular forums and instead found that they do payout the advertised dividends. We don’t know whether they will keep paying for years to come, but if Bitconnect is anything to go by then we can tell you that you are perfectly safe in putting your money into EthConnect.

I hope to see Ethconnect continuously grow as this will keep funding the project and allow them to keep paying dividends over the years.

Overall I think EthConnect is a very promising project and I am excited to see what is to come.

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Thanks for reading my article if you have any questions about EthConnect then submit them to me and I’ll answer them in my next article about these crazy crypto currencies. I hope bitcoin surpasses 6k and we all get rich.

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